Experience Thailand Like Never Before


During your stay with us, we will not make demands or enforce strict rules with regard to your volunteering and time. We understand that this is your trip and that you should choose to spend your time however you like. With that being said, we do encourage you to work on our community projects, as they offer you a unique chance to build meaningful relationships with local people, make a real and noticeable difference in the community, and truly experience daily life in a Thai village. 


Treetop Country is firmly entrenched as a beloved part of Wiang Pa Pao’s community. The entire village supports the project and several of our local staff are village residents. What does this mean for you? It means that the wealth of opportunity within the village is completely accessible to all of our volunteers and visitors! We work very closely with several schools for underprivileged children that have a need for English speaking volunteers. Unfortunately, in rural Thailand, most schools do not teach English. Without the language most of these children will grow up with very limited career and life opportunities. This is why it is so important for us to recruit volunteers, because you have the ability to empower the children of the village and create the leaders and success stories of the future! In addition to teaching English at the school you can also teach art, music, and sports! *Please note that school will not be in session from mid March to mid May and early October to early November due to Thai holiday. All other activities will still be available during this time.*

We have created several organic farming initiatives. To help secure the most high quality food sources for citizens of Wiang Pa Pao, and the children at the school, we have used our vast amount of land to grow organic rice and vegetables, while raising high quality and free range sources of protein. The impact that this has on the community cannot be overstated. This has created sustainable sources of nutrition to feed those in need, while it also provides jobs and income for local villagers who work the land. Whether you’re an experienced backyard gardener or if you just want to pick up a shovel and learn a few things about gardening/planting, we welcome your assistance with the organic farming initiative! 

Aside from these two major community projects, due to the growth and expansion of Treetop Country, new ideas, needs, and opportunities are constantly arising. Whether it’s building new desks for children, expanding the project grounds, or working on new educational/economic initiatives in the village, there is always something going on. If you are going to be staying with us for a while, you will have a chance to help create and formulate new community initiatives! Once you are at Treetop Country, you become a part of our village and will have the opportunity to leave your mark on Wiang Pa Pao and its people forever!