Treetop Country

thailand’s most affordable volunteer travel program
Our Goal is to further the education and quality of life for the people living in the beautiful village of Wiang Pa Pao, Chiangrai Thailand. This will be accomplished through our continued presence with the community, the growth of our sustainable economie and educational initiatives, and through the skills and expertise that our travellers bring to Treetop Country with them. You have more value and more to offer than you have been led to believe!


We help build the community. By providing housing projects as well as funding for sustainable business, we aim to empower locals to improve their economy, provide jobs and improve their quality of life.


We aim to change communities for generations to come, by providing quality educational programs and facilitating cultural exchanges.


We develop sustainable organic farming thechniques and precesses, in order to eliminate hunger and provide communities with a stable and scaleable food source for generations to come.


We ail to keep communities safe and healthy, through internalional medically oritented volunteering programs.


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