Treetop Sustainable Resort

3 Trips | 9 Skills Required

Project Objectives

Treetop will be creating a new vacation resort in Chiang Rai. This project aims to improve the community in multiple ways:

  1. By providing local construction jobs;
  2. By providing local jobs in the hospitality industry for an ageing segment of the population, looking for work;
  3. By increasing the local economy through additional tourism income.

Project Overview

We are looking to create a beautiful resort which will include a fishing pond, aquaponic farming centre, retirement home, an improved Treetop Touristic site, a flower garden, a special Treetop Restaurant by Chef Sasi, and a beautiful banquet hall. This project will provide local jobs for the local working class, looking to get involved with construction activities, and for the older population, looking to get involved with creating the gardens and various activities around the compound. 

For more information on getting involved, please contact us

Funding Objective

$ 5,000 of $ 15,000
5000 %
The above values are updated manually and are not meant to be accurate.



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